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Purchase Order Finance

Is your small manufacturing or distribution business receiving orders from large retailers you are having difficulty filling or manufacturing because of their size?  If so, purchase order finance may be a ready working capital solution for you.  

How Purchase Order Finance Works

Purchase order finance is used to finance the manufacture or purchase of goods where a firm, non-cancellable order exists from a large, creditworthy buyer.  It is very often associated with offshore manufacturing of garments where a factoryPurchase Order Finance (contract manufacturer) requires the posting of a letter of credit to make goods destined for a large retailer.  It is, however, just as commonly used for solely domestic transactions as well.

For your business to qualify, our purchase order finance providers will look at...

Can purchase order finance provide a working capital solution for your small business?  In many cases...YES!  You can find out more and explore all of the many benefits of purchase order finance by requesting our FREE booklet..."When Banks Say NO!...The Small Business Guide to Factoring"Click here to request your FREE copy.