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Factors of New Jersey provides factoring and small business finance consulting to entrepreneurs nationwide.  In today's challenging economy, the difficulty in accessing ready working capital for growth and daily operations is well known.  And the fact is, most small business owners are simply too busy and time constrained to professionally research the many financial options available to them.   At Factors of New Jersey, we offer a complete line of readily accessible alternative commercial finance products and are nationally recognized as a one-stop source for ready small business working capital solutions.  Profits Graph

The biggest challenge most small business owners face is how to finance the growth that makes small business ownership a worthwhile endeavor.  To help you meet that challenge and your company's cash flow needs, the professionals at Factors of New Jersey can provide:

FACTORING:  For companies invoicing for their services, factoring is a powerful financial tool which will allows your business to comfortably offer 30, 45, even 60 day payment terms to your customers while still enjoying immediate payment to your own company.  Though internationally known as one of the "best kept secrets" of major corporations, factoring is also readily available to young, early stage companies when an acceptable credit history (or lack thereof) prohibits traditional bank lending as a source of working capital. 

ASSET-BASED LENDING:  Typically structured as a revolving line of credit, asset-based lending can provide inventory finance capital solutions for mid-size companies when more traditional financial statement based loans are not accessible.  Asset-based loans are the natural "next step" to factoring as your business grows in size and profitability. 

MERCHANT CASH ADVANCE:  a growing and powerful financial tool for retail oriented small businesses, merchant cash provides a capital advance on the future sales of your business based on its past performance.  Merchant cash advances can be used for virtually any purpose but are typically utilized for business expansion, remodeling, or the purchase of equipment.  

PURCHASE ORDER FINANCE: an advance of cash or posting of a letter of credit to facilitate the manufacturing or purchase of goods to meet and satisfy a valid purchase order from a creditworthy customer.

MICROLOANS & MICRO-FACTORING:  Small business loans of $50,000 or less and small factoring arrangements of $25,000 or less per month.